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Lady Maid Services understand,s how hard it can be sometimes finding the time or the right people to clean and sanitize your Home, Office, and Building! Lady Maid Services with Over 10 year,s of Good and Reliable Services in Ontario and Quebec Region offer you nothing less than 100% guarantee that your request,s and need,s will be assured ! If you are looking for a clean & spotless environment to live, work, and grow in at affordable rates, than Lady Maid Services is right for you ! Whether you require a one time service, weekly, bye weekly, bye monthly, or once a month. Simply choose and let us know what your need,s may be and we can arrange according to your demand,s! Lady Maid Services , managed by a professional Husband & Wife Team , understand the family values and offer nothing but our sincere best ! You can relax and feel comfortable knowing that you can rely and trust that your cleaning need,s will be assured !

Why Choose Lady Maid Services​?

Affordable Cleaning Flexible Hour,s You May Skip , Cancel, or Reschedule at any time ! Cleaning Supplies can be offered by Lady Maid Services or by You (customer) at different rates depending on each job! (For Free Estimates, please contact Lady maid Services) Industry- leading customer service

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