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I am so pleased with the job they do!

By: BarbaraLebron | July 22, 2017

After a long busy day at work, all you expect to come to is a Clean "home sweet home" and this is exactly what I walk in to everyday. I am so pleased with the job they do! I can recommend Marquis Building Maintenance Inc to any parent or busy workaholic as myself.


By: non-member | November 11, 2015

I rarely ever take the time to review a company. The great people at Red Door Cleaning left me no choice but to leave an awesome review for them. I've never met such a kind group and they are always on time and my place is left spotless. I don't even ever have to explain what needs to be done, everything is already arranged and now I never have to worry about my cleaning problems. I really appreciate how they let me know if there were any issues or would appropriately organize some of the things left on the table etc. It's small details like that I notice that gave me great vibes about this company. Thanks Red Door Cleaning, you guys are amazing! :)